The allotted work-load was over after a hectic week. So, I planned for a long-awaited weekend trip to Ghatshila. It was long-awaited as it is one of the easiest and nearest tourist destinations from Kharagpur. Finally, I along with two of my friends: Suprabhat and Kunal started our journey to Ghatshila on a Saturday morning of […]

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In January 2010, I went to Guwahati to attend a winter workshop in IIT Guwahati. IIT Guwahati (IITG) is located on the northern banks of Brahmaputra and has series of hills and vast open spaces on others. The workshop-days I cherished the beauty of the campus and later, visited significant places in the city. IITG has the academic buildings […]

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শ্রান্ত প্রেম

জবাব দেবার আগেই পথ চিরে গেল একটা নদী মাঝে মাঝেই যায় – তখন তাকে বন্ধ করার জন্য কত মাটি, রোদ্দুর, পর্দাদের যখন যা পাই হাতে, তাই মেলে ধরি – কিছু বাস্তব, কিছু স্বপ্ন, শ্যাওলা – আশ্বাসদের। অবশেষে তাদেরও ছাপিয়ে নদী বইতে থাকে। আর অপেক্ষা না করে নেমে আসি জলে, হাত চালিয়ে পাড় থেকে এনে ফেলতে […]

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Goeche La

Long back, in 2009, while surfing in the Internet, I first came to know about the place “Goecha La”. Views of the Kanchenjunga and other mountains amazed as everyone else. This made be decide to do this trek at some point of time. Considering the mental and physical preparedness this trek would require, I reasoned […]

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It was the puja vacation of 2009 when we planned for Sandakphu trek. We were a group of six members: myself, Subhomoy, Jonathan, Koushik, Bobon and Anirban. We were inexperienced and excited, but we were allowed to do so in such a low-difficulty level trek we knew. This was our first trek. So, a lot of preparation was required. Whenever a […]

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A lot can happen over a cup of coffee! To celebrate the new year’s eve in an economic fashion a research scholar can afford, we decided a short gateway to Ajodhya. It was an easy choice as Arup, one of my junior, was heading back to his hometown Purulia. So, we planned to join him […]

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Due to becoming allergic to crowd day-by-day, I choose to spend my 2016 puja vacations at my sister’s place at Naihati. It is a suburb in Kolkata outskirts right beside the Ganges. I was no-more-crazy for puja-pandal-hopping and so decided to spend this vacation visiting places at Hooghly, lies just on the opposite side of the river. I sat […]

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